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Daggerfall Covenant Ebonheart Pact Aldmeri Dominion




Breton High Elf Argonian
Orc Wood Elf Dark Elf
Redguard Khajiit Nord


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Name Alliance Race Class Points Likes User / Patch level
aaa aaa High Elf Sorcerer rittvonpro Patch level 2.7.11
pet build pet build High Elf Sorcerer tenchikun Patch level 2.7.11
blooddrinker bleed blooddrinker bleed Orc Nightblade jcc151 Patch level 2.7.11
Stam Sorc ... eventually going PvP with it Stam Sorc ... eventually going PvP with it Redguard Sorcerer Brakish Patch level 2.7.11
CP for CWC CP for CWC Warden Baelfyer Patch level 2.7.11
Sorc Sorc High Elf Sorcerer Furrbag Patch level 2.7.11
Stam DK tank/dps Stam DK tank/dps Dark Elf Dragonknight Blackdust3r Patch level 2.7.11
Summerset concept -  Awesome light attack build Summerset concept - Awesome light attack build Orc Nightblade Graiok Patch level 2.7.11
stamsorc1 stamsorc1 Redguard Sorcerer ros171 Patch level 2.7.11  http://www.ghaziabadescortagency. http://www.ghaziabadescortagency. GkGIrl001 Patch level 3.0.10
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