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Übrigens kannst du im Spiel insgesamt 463 Skillpunkte erhalten (Greymoor Patch 6.0.5)!
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Der Skillplaner ist auf dem Stand von Patch 6.2.9

Wolf Sister

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Das Schlachtross - Erhöht Eure Lebensregeneration um 238 und Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit um 5% (Mit 7 Teilen Göttlich 390 / 8%)
0 / 463
Patch 6.2.9
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Beschreibung dieser Skillung

A tank/damage dealer hybrid that uses the Tormentor set to maintain provoke during Werewolf form, and finally have some decent group provoking. Both the Werewolf Brutal Pounce and Explosive Charge (as well as Stampede from the 2-Handed skilline that isn't used in this build) work as a group provoke ability with the Tormentor set as of the 1st of May, 2021.

This build has a focus on fun and survivability, and is viable for both Solo and Group play.
There is a strong lean towards regen and heavy armour here, to basically keep the damage low and your health recovery higher, making the most of all those percentage bonuses and becoming REALLY hard to kill while in werewolf mode for tasty tanking. Because one of the 5 piece sets has to be Tormentor, the other 5 piece set Alessian Order and our 2 piece flavour (Torc of Tonal Constancy is recommended) take on the brunt of your selfish survivability, but because our abilities and passives are quite generous to all of our teammates, it rounds out quite nicely.

Werewolf provides an amazing amount of utility to this build, and is just plain fun.
- - - Just for transforming we get:

+30% Movement Speed
+50% Heavy Attack Stamina-Restore
+30% Maximum Stamina
-10% Damage Taken
+18% Weapon Damage
Major Resolve (+5948 Physical and Spell Resistance)
Major Brutality (+20% Weapon Damage)
Major Savagery (+2629 Weapon Critical)
Minor Courage for us and our group (+215 Weapon and Spell damage)
2 Direwolves that Snare enemies and apply Minor Maim to them
- - - And it's worth noting:
+15% Stamina Recovery while slotted (even when not actually transformed on your front bar)
+25% Poison damage taken while transformed (the one big drawback - BE CAREFUL OF TRANSFORMING AROUND POISON)
- - - As for your actual abilities, we have:
Brutal Pounce - Taunts enemies in an AoE, and then applies a good executing bleed in a cone that further buffs your weapon damage. Awesome... Except that it sometimes stops working mid fight for no reason.
Hircine's Fortitude - Recovers roughly 60% of your max health, and then gives you Health and Stamina regen. All of this as the only Magicka ability, meaning you'll always have at least two in the tank if you're caught off guard, and making Torc of Tonal Constancy flourish for sustainability.
Deafening Roar - Fear. Off-Balance. Major Breach. Minor Maim. AoE. What's not to love??? The Off-Balance is a really underrated part of this ability, as it means your Heavy Attacks restore about 100% of your Stamina. Love this ability a whole lot.
Howl of Agony - A rather decent burst tool, as enemies will just about ALWAYS be looking at you, especially in PvE. Not super useful as a tank with big Stamina costs in a group setting, but a nice utility for dealing with big targets or players, especially while solo. Also grants your allies Empower with a synergy, so that's nice!
Claws of Anguish/Life - This is the one place where the morph is a hard choice for this build. On the one hand, Anguish is some delish shut-down for PvP, as these claws then both Minor AND Major Defile, reducing all healing and health recovery by a heifty 24% in a CONE! On the other hand though, Life allows you to swipe a swarm of ads and get incredible healing while still applying Minor Defile, again in a CONE like some kind of supercharged Twin Slashes. Ultimately it comes down to your preference between PvP and PvE. Defile does next to nothing in PvE, so it's a waste there, where as Life gets heavily tempered in PvP with 50% reduction to healing. I go for Life so that I can still get some benefit from the Morph in both and face some tough Veteran content, but I do miss watching those health bars drain....
- - - Werewolf is your "in your face" tank. There's less general utility with only one action bar, but what is there is powerful, and with its built-in survivability, it'll feel like playing as a DPS who just happens to be a Tank too.

On the other hand, your human form has a lot of utility.
- - - This part of the build plays a lot more deliberately, with a lot less burst survivability but a really flexible moveset for adapting on the fly and really controlling the battlefield with AMAZING sustain. It struggles a bit more when it comes to heavy hitters, but thrives in groups and with a little bit of time to set up. I won't go super in-depth here as each of the abilities alone should be pretty self-explanatory, but the biggies here are Explosive Charge, Silver Leash, Radiant Ward and Restoring Focus. This is what works best for me, just being very annoying with debuffs for days, but different styles or even different classes could fit nicely here. 2-Handed Weapons also have a group provoke with Tormentor, so this build can very easily adapt to any character with a bit of skill point shuffling. The framework here is just maxing Resistances and Regen, while debuffing the whole Zone. The back-and-forth of Brawler and Radiant Ward is also incredible with Torc.
- - - Remember that we have very selfish armour sets, so our abilities should help our teammates as much as possible while still making sure we can take all the heat we'll be pulling.

While Provoke isn't anything in PvP, the extra resistance from Tormentor stacks nicely with Alessian Order anyway so I think it's perfectly viable. Swap it for one of the many meta armours if you really care though. Beekeeper would be fun ☆ but good old Impregnable Armour or Battalion Defender might be better. Again, though, I just go with Tormentor and have no worries.
Also being a Werewolf in PvP is usually a way to put a big target on your back, but being a tank that actually works super well here.

With this setup, you don't need many re-enforced traits to be hitting the 33000 resistance cap with all the buffs we're getting, so focusing on Invigorating to push the health regen to the limit is what I prefer. I've been hitting a resting health regen of 3000+ before getting wards and healing mixed up in there, which is just fun.


- Tormenter -
(2 items) Adds 1206 Max Health
(3 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(4 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(5 items) When you deal direct damage with a Charge, Leap, Teleport or Pull ability, you gain 3642 Physical and Spell Resistance and taunt the enemy to attack you for 15 seconds.
In this build, that means that Werewolf Brutal Pounce and Explosive Charge both become AoE provoke abilities, and Silver Leash keeps the enemies you pull to you close. This is what lets you actually be a tank, and a good one at that, because the days of needing to provoke every single ad in a mob are over.

- Alessian Order -
(2 items) Adds 1487 Armor
(3 items) Adds 1487 Armor
(4 items) Adds 1206 Max Health
(5 items) Increases your Health Recovery by 2% of your sum total Physical and Spell Resistance.
This counts all of armour, and buffs alike. The cap on it is 1320 regen at the natural Resistance cap, which is then buffed more by heavy armour and radiant aura, but if you don't feel like grinding it or just want a stable number here, the Beekeeper's Gear set is very comparable, just not quite as nicely optimized. Either way, this part is the backbone of this build, and getting this set was the difference in world bosses being a real challenge and having no problems taking their hits to the face. I can even face tank a Dragon in WW form if my rotation is clean.

- Torc of Tonal Constancy -
(1 item) While your Stamina is less than 50%, increase your Magicka Recovery by 450. While your Magicka is less than 50%, increase your Stamina Recovery by 450.
- Engine Guardian x1 -
(1 item) Adds 129 Health Recovery
Bloodspawn, Slimecraw or Lord Warden or frankly whatever you're vibing could replace this comfortably. This is a great place to show your personal flare. Torc is just REALLY nice sustain for Werewolf, working well with Hircine's Fortitude and Claws of Life for a back and forth of endless healing.

And that's it!

Enjoy being a one in a million Werewolf Tank!


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