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Tu peux obtenir 463 points dans le jeu (Greymoor niveau de correctif 6.0.5)!
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Le planificateur de compétences a le niveau de correctif 6.0.5

Orc Pure Tank PVE Build

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Alliance de Daguefilante
Pierre de Mundus
Le Seigneur - Augmente le maximum de vie de 2231.
0 / 463
Mise a jour
Patch 5.3.6
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Description du build

This build primarily focuses on tanking in PVE situation, it is very good at tanking and good at sustaining. This build has almost zero DPS you should definitely not use this for DPS for obvious reasons, but it can tank in all situations even in PVP duels and in cyrodill; however I have another build designed more better for PVP tanking if you are more interested in that. Now then if you have a healer it will put some of the stress from the healer with the the DMG shield abilities and 2 group healing abilities.

Abilities Uses:

Igneous Shield/or Cauterize- Is a great DMG shield and stacks really well with spiked bone shield giving a lot of shield making tanking easier, would only recommend using it if healer is struggling and team mates are dying or if you are getting overwhelmed by enemies, if you are gonna use it stack it with spiked bone shield for that extra bonus.

Spiked Bone Shield- Is a much better variant of the igneous shield as it gives more shield and has a very nice synergy only if your allies actually use. It stacks very well with igneous shield giving you a massive shield boost it could even stand alone without igneous shield which you could swap for something else if you really needed to, you could change it to cauterize making tanking slightly easier as you will have a small healing passive whilst your fighting enemies which lasts a okay amount and heals nicely every 5 seconds.

Inner Rage- A must have ability as you will take away any strong enemies from your allies whilst they pick of the small easier ones and them help you. you can even kite boss attacks away from your allies when you learn to use it properly.

Overflowing Alter/or Green Dragon Blood- Is a great ability being able to sustain the Glassy DPS allies if you have any and giving a great heal synergy. healing 60% of the max health of everyone who uses it except your self. I would however recommend for you to use green dragon blood if you have a healer or one that has this ability. as green dragon blood is a super good self heal ability and also great for stamina and heath recovery if you need it.

Energy Orb/or Green Dragon Blood/or- This again another great healing abilty for your allies mainly not really good for you I would recommend to change this to green dragon blood if, again your healer has this ability or you want a great self heal, or if you are having healing problems, you could instead get hardened armour which super good if you want to be more tanky this also applys to the healing alter.

Aggressive Horn- Great if you want more magika and stamina or your team mates are low and keep shouting that they cant heal or attack because of low magika and again stamina, it is also great for dps as it increase there critical DMG. just a great ult to have on hand.

Pierce Armour- Also a taunt ability and great for the DPS as this lowers enemy phys and magic defence great on bosses or just strong enemies.

Unstoppable Brute- Super good for tanking and if you hate getting knocked around by the enemies, also great for sustain.

Resolving Vigor- A great self heal good if you need a quick heal and if your healers dead or is focusing on the DPS

Defensive Posture- Great for tanking overall.

Deep Slash- super good if you want to weaken your enemies another alternative that you can use the pretty much does the same is choking talons, the reason I have Deep slash is because of the ult which I will explain down below.

Shield Discipline/orMagma Shell- This is a really good ult as all your shield abilities are free so you can spam to your hearts content or until the ult runs. out but its super easy to get back and its great for tanking as it blocks all attacks, another alternative if you like is magma shell it wont give you spam control of your shield abilities, but it can give you a small DMG shield boost and a massive one to your team mates giving them 100% of their health DMG shield which lasts a generous amount.

A tanks Job:
Your job as a tank is to defend your team mates and most importantly yourself, maybe your allies are a bit more important anyways. You need to use all the shield abilities to help your healer or save your self. You need to kite enemies that are strong or bosses that are trying to attack your allies. You need to learn to kite boss attacks and most importantly if all your team mates die show of how tanky you are by slowly dwindling away at the bosses health without taking any damage or save your team mates and actually get through the dungeon in a couple of seconds.

If this build helped or gave you some ideas please share and like I would really appreciate it thank you.
P.S. I will also be adding armour sets that you should get for this build very soon.

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  • Points Champion: Le Guerrier 0
    Le Destrier 0
    La Dame 0
    Le Seigneur 0
  • Points Champion: Le Voleur 0
    La Tour 0
    L’Amant 0
    L’Ombre 0
  • Points Champion: Le Mage 0
    L’Apprenti 0
    L’Atronach 0
    Le Rituel 0

Magie Magie
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Santé Santé
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Vigueur Vigueur
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