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Übrigens kannst du im Spiel insgesamt 463 Skillpunkte erhalten (Greymoor Patch 6.0.5)!
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Der Skillplaner ist auf dem Stand von Patch 6.2.9

Lady LaLa's Gank and Run Bosmer Nightblade

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Das Schlachtross - Erhöht Eure Lebensregeneration um 238 und Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit um 5% (Mit 7 Teilen Göttlich 390 / 8%)
0 / 463
Lady LaLa
Patch 2.6.0
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Beschreibung dieser Skillung

Sooo, you know those annoying as hell gank squads that stealth near keeps or along a scroll runner's path? The ones that melt lone players or small groups, then dash away before backup can arrive? Or the Nightblade that you JUST chased off, only for them to come out of nowhere and start picking at your squad again, or reviving their allies? Yeah, this is my favorite build for that.

Gear Overview: This gear setup gives you a good headstart stealthing and seeing stealthed enemies. You can, of course, switch out the light piece for another medium, if you want the little extra protection and are ok with missing out on the magicka bonuses from the light armor tree, but I wouldn't recommend it. Shadow Walker is the big one here: Stealth is this ganker's friend, this sweet little bonus lets you get in and come out of it and back into an ambush faster than without it, and those seconds can make a big difference. Barkskin is what you'll want to have up when you're hunting: You do NOT want to get snared, and this will make enemies have a tougher time keeping you locked down. The extra stamina is also a boon. When you switch to running away, the extra magicka will give you just that much more staying power (Magnus' Gift).
Weapons: Bow on main, Restoration Staff on secondary. You'll want the bow from the Barkskin set, and craft the staff from the Magnus' Gift set. Enchantments won't matter much here, they should be overridden more often than not by poisons, but give your staff the Defending trait.
Jewelry: All three should be part of the Shadow Walker set. This is the main set bonus this build works with; health and stamina while you're hiding can make the difference between a kill for you and a kill for your enemy.
Armor: 6 medium, 1 light for the bonuses. Two of the med pieces will be the rest of Shadow Walker, the other 4 should be from the Barkskin set. The light piece should be from Magnus' Gift, Reinforced trait, Glyph of Magicka as the enchantment.
Boon: The Steed. That run speed and health recovery will help you get from one gank site to another, in each fight longer and, once you run, back into the fight faster.
Stats: About 3 Health for every 5 Stamina and Magicka

Now for the fun part: The Skills

Bar 1: "Long Distance Beatdown"
1: Poison Arrow with Poison Injection morph. A DOT with a bonus against enemies with low health. A great way to make a player panic if you've soften them some.
2: Agony with Malefic Wreath morph. A good way to knock one player out of commission for up to 30 seconds and then gives a damage explosion on top of that. Good for small groups
3: Snipe with Focused Aim morph. Your opening move; hits hard, extends your range and reduces your enemy's Physical Resistance
4: Strife with Swallow Soul morph. While slotted, it increases your healing received, giving you a little edge in a fight, while healing you when you hit enemies with it. Good if your enemies manage to get a hit in, while giving you a constant buff. A win-win.
5: Evasion with Shuffle morph. Your "Oh Shit" button. Pop this before you switch to your backup skills, it'll make it harder for your enemies to hit you in the first place or hold you still. Looking at you DKs.
Ult: Consuming Darkness with Veil of Blades morph. Slows enemies, deals damage to them, and reduces damage you and your allies take, while also providing an "Oh Shit" button for your allies.

Bar 2: "She Who Fights and Runs Away"
1: Assassin's Blade with Killer's Blade morph. Ok, we're onto what to use if you need to book it out of a sticky situation. By the time you pop this bar, you should have an enemy down on health. It's a scary one to be hit by when you're hurting and then the added suck of your death healing your killer.
2: Shadow Cloak with Dark Cloak morph. The classic Nightblade vanishing act, pretty much a must have, with a sweet bonus damage reduction once you pop out of it.
3: Veiled Strike with Concealed Weapon morph. A good one to have slotted in the first place; a bonus to movement speed while stealthed as a passive, and then stuns an enemy when you pop out of stealth with this attack. 4 seconds can make all the difference.
4: Strife with Swallow Soul. Pretty much like I said above, you want it on both bars. Trust me.
5: Rapid Maneuver with Retreating Maneuver morph. Not only does this one make it easier to travel, it also gives more immunity to snares and immobilizations, while removing any that you and your allies already have on them.
Ult: War Horn with Sturdy Horn morph. Gives a nice boost to your Magicka, Health, and Stamina when you pop it. The morph gives it extra duration and spell resist and armor.

Suggested Crafting:
Alchemy: This one is a biggie; poisons can provide that extra hurt in a fight, while stamina potions can help you when you run.
Provisioning: Not 100% required, but definitely nice. The ingredients are everywhere, recipes are easy to come by and not a lot of people do it. Good to give your pocketbook a bit of a boost, especially if you can get all the pieces to Psijic Ambrosia.
These will save you points invested into clothier and woodworking, since you can just buy or trade your food and potions for equipment

General Tips:
Now, you'll want to get a horse and start upgrading as soon as you can (Imperial addition works great, but any mount will do). Upgrade Speed first, then Stamina, then Carry Capacity. This is invaluable in Cyrodill for any character, but for a ganker, speed is life. You need to be able to move fast, hit hard, and then run away before more forces catch up.
When running with a group with similar setups, it's very much the Pirate Code when you retreat: Whoever falls behind, gets left behind. You can hide and revive your group, but only if you don't get caught.
Start PvP early; personally, I jump into the under 50 campaign at around 15, jumping back every 10 levels or so to gather Skyshards. The extra points are essential. If you can, try to gather a group to go Skyshard hunting in Cyrodill before you level out of the under 50 zone, otherwise it gets much harder to gather them all.
And don't forget to have fun. Yeah, your enemies will probably get annoyed with you and try to find you, but that's just part of the fun. Hide and Seek is great when you can go invisible ;P

See you in Cyrodill


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