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ESO-Schatzsucher (DE) is a german project of Chufu gro-Khash. It's a lexicon with a lot of informations for The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited. There you'll find also news around the game and you'll be well informed. The project exists since 09/15/2013 and Chufu gro-Khash have a passionately look for the treasureseekers.

ESO-Database (DE/EN)

ESO-Database is a Character and Guild-Database. Everyone can join the community to transfer his Character and Guild-data. The data will be collected through our ESO-Add on and automatically transferred with the ESO-Database client. The client also keeps the addon up to date. Guild leader can use the guild list to embedded the member list to their homepage. Each character, which is transferred, has his own statistic about killed NPC, healing done and received, quest done and much more.

JumperZ (FR)

Hello! My name is Mickaël, better known as "JumperZ" and I create passionately french gamevideos about MMORPG, FPS and survival horror. I am a big fan of the "Elder Scrolls"-serie, but also of the other games of this development studio (Fallout, etc.). Almost every day, I am online on with "The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited". My streams should help the people, who have questions about the game, but also who want to be in a community, where the people meet eachother and play the same game. I am playing on PS4, but also on PC.