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Le planificateur de compétences a le niveau de correctif 5.3.8

Templar Tank / off heal my take on it

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Pacte de Cœurébène
Pierre de Mundus
Le Guerrier - Augmente les dégâts des armes de 238.
0 / 417
Mise a jour
Patch 2.0.8
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Description du build

Hi, this is my take on a orc templar tank. This is going to be updated quite often. No i dont have that many Champion points its really just to tell myself and whoever looks at it where to prioritize points do with it what you will and really would like feedback always helpful getting other perspectives. That being said ill dive into the "build description."

Reason for Templar Tank: I look at it as more supportive Templar to me has so much that makes him/her viable to survive and be a help as well. That being said im not a huge fan of a templar dps i feel as though its wasting the utility a Templar has to offer.

Reason for Orc: Really is all in the passives health recovery is great and added max Health and Stamina is pretty awesome and itll stack with undaunted nicely.

Templar abilities (passives too) and reason:

Aedric spear:
•Puncturing sweep: nice heal against mobs plus enough damage to survive on your own but for this build im really making it to focus trials and Dungeons as a group.
•Blazing shards: really a situational pick in my opinion only time i find myself slotting it is if my healers are struggling getting them out for the dps plus blazing spear adds a stun which is nice if for some reason your dps is in the middle of a mob allows a few seconds for him to pick them up safely.

Aedric spear passives: i cant rattle off the names off the top of my head but the reason is simply it gives you the ability to block more damage and the less damage you take the longer you live and the more help you become.

Dawns Wrath:
•Ultimate;Solar disturbance: snares enemies and slows Plus it gives a damage negate
•Reflective light: This gives you a DoT (damage over time) plus a good way to get attention first after you buff up.
•Purifying light: this may look weird to some but i have no complaints its extra passive damage and an aoe heal (heal is over time but not great) it is situational depending on whether your damage is melee or not when in groups id suggest other heals if your alone in a mob with dps mostly ranged.
•Eclipse: its something ive never used but it is morphed and im going to test it since it is a self heal and reflects spells also seems situational considering what you are fighting and i dont know if its true but have heard this spell now works on elites.

Dawns Wrath Passives: Depending how you build may want all but i personally just slot them they give ultimate which will prove to be beneficial no matter what and theres a must have in passive that gives you a reduction on costs of Ultimates Magika and Stamina

Restoring Light:
Rememberance: i love this heal its perfect for power heal situations and when a big hit is about to come.
Breath of life: Heals three allies and yourself which doesnt have too long of a cast time great self heal and even better heal for others when you use it.
Repentance: for each body around youget health and stamina back which is honestly going to need to be on your bar especially as a tank cause it to is the biggest sustain youll have when bodies drop in mobs (cant be repeated on the same dead body) plus this ability not only has no cost but is also giving you regens in all pools and cast time is relatively short!

Passives: just take them all lol

One hand and shield:
Ransack: personal favorite gives you armor which is beneficial but situation may make pierce armor really good as well to drop an enemies spell resist
Absorb magic: its a great self heal if you got the stamina management for it with blocking everytime something throws a spell at you hit it and you dont take damage and in turn heals you but it will definately do some digits on your stamina costs arent reduced of both blocking and spells
•Shield charge i didnt select this but if orc is something you go with the dash from it could add a damage shield plus do bonus damage from your passives as an orc

Passive for sword and shield grab them all if you got the points

Restoration Staff:
Healing springs : each ally healed will give you magika. Just more sustain and more utility but you are giving up a lot and ill explain after these abilities.
Healing ward: optional self heal after the shield is down or is done channeling
All passives are very helpful giveing magika back and more healing to your group.
Note of Restoration Staff: as this does take you out of the fight as far as taking the hits may be best to be a off tank to be more of a off healing tank.

Mages guild
• structured entropy: isnt needed really another situational pickdepending if you go off heal tank or not will give you passive health and magika

• inner rage: amazing ranged taunt with a synergy to really any and all who use it to deal damage
Passives: one gives resouces back each synergy to the one using the synergy and the other will give bonus hp based on the differnt weight of armor you wear the reason i chose 1-1-5 with armor.

I think ive covered it all.
Any questions leave a comment any advice and insight leave a comment as well.

For those of you who read through all this i thank you but please do know this game is is very dependent on the way you play. I really hope it was informative and hopefully gives you an idea of what you wanna do if you chose to make a templar tank or are already.

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