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Affiché le 02/03/2020 - 18:34:32

Update 5.3.5 and improvements

Hey guys,

there are some great new features in the ESO-Skillfactory:
  • Patch status updated to 5.3.5
  • On you can now find a list of all skills. You can also search for specific skills there. If you click on a skill, it will be displayed, you will also see the name in German, English and French and you will be informed whether it is a passive, active, ultimate skill or a morph.
  • Performance improvements on the page, e.g. at Tooltips
  • Active abilities are now quadrangular, passive abilities are round (just like in the game, before they were all round)
  • The champion point system has been improved. You will now find a limit per champion tree (previously you could award more points than you could achieve in the game, we fixed this bug). In addition, there is now an arrow left and right in each champion tree with which you can easily jump to the previous / next tree. When distributing the champion points you can see the change in values ​​directly, this now works better thanks to the performance improvements.

From now on you can also join our ESO Skillfactory Discord if you would like to get rid of things quickly and easily or want to chat / discuss with us. Since our mother tongue is German, you have the channels German and English here (no French). You can of course always send us suggestions, ideas or errors here in the forum or via our contact form on ESO-Skillfactory.

Have fun, we look forward to your builds!

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