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Written on 07/08/2021 18:58:05

Champion system revised + update to patch 7.0.7 (Blackwood)

Hello everybody!

We have now revised the champion system and you can now use the new stars to adapt your builds so that they are similar to your in-game ones.

In addition to the new champion system, we have also updated the skill planner to patch 7.0.7. We have also added a little something for convenience: If you keep the mouse pressed on the attributes, the points are distributed as with the CP, so you don't always have to click. And if you hold down the shift key, you can unlock the next rank directly.

The equipment feature "Sets" is now also available. So you can also define your sets in your builds.

You can send us problems, ideas or feedback at any time using the contact form.

We wish you all a lot of success in the new trial Rockgrove and lots of fun in Tamriel!

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