• Cast Time
  • Instant
  • Target
  • Area
  • Radius
  • 28 meters
  • Cost
  • 2160 Magicka
  • Duration
  • 15 seconds
Activate an aura of flames which launches a fireball at yourself or an ally to cauterize their wounds every 5 seconds, healing them for 2449 Health.

While slotted, you gain Major Prophecy, increasing your Spell Critical rating by 2629.

This ability scales with your highest offensive stats.
Unlocked at Ardent Flame Rank 42
Fireball heals allies instead of damaging enemies and increases the radius.

Skill Name



This skill is a class skill of the Dragonknight tree.
Cauterize is an active skill of the talent tree Ardent Flame.
Cauterize is a morph of Inferno.

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