Coagulating Blood

  • Cast Time
  • Instant
  • Target
  • Self
  • Cost
  • 3626 Magicka
  • Duration
  • 20 seconds
Draw on your draconic blood to heal for 6528, increasing by up to 33% additional healing based on your missing Health.

You also gain Major Fortitude, increasing your Health Recovery by 30% for 20 seconds.
Unlocked at Draconic Power Rank 20
Now heals based on Max Magicka and Spell Damage and reduces the cost.

Skill Name

Gerinnendes Blut
Coagulating Blood
Sang coagulé


This skill is a class skill of the Dragonknight tree.
Coagulating Blood is an active skill of the talent tree Draconic Power.
Coagulating Blood is a morph of Dragon Blood.

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