Molten Whip

  • Cast Time
  • Instant
  • Target
  • Enemy
  • Cost
  • 2295 Magicka
  • Duration
  • No Duration
  • Range
  • 5 meters
  • Role
Lash an enemy with flame, dealing 3161 Flame Damage.

If you strike an enemy that is immobile or stunned, you set them Off Balance.

While slotted, whenever you activate a different Ardent Flame ability, you gain a stack of Seething Fury, which increases the damage of your next Molten Whip by 33% and your Weapon and Spell Damage by 75 for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
Unlocked at Ardent Flame Rank 1
While slotted, your other Ardent Flame abilities increase the damage of your next Molten Whip cast.

Skill Name

Geschmolzene Peitsche
Molten Whip
Fouet en fusion


This skill is a class skill of the Dragonknight tree.
Molten Whip is an active skill of the talent tree Ardent Flame.
Molten Whip is a morph of Lava Whip.

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