Dragonknight Standard

  • Cast Time
  • Instant
  • Target
  • Area
  • Radius
  • 8 meters
  • Cost
  • 250 Ultimate
  • Duration
  • 16 seconds
Call down a battle standard, dealing 1284 Flame Damage every 1 second for 16 seconds to enemies and applying Major Defile to them, reducing their healing received and Health Recovery by 30%.

An ally near the standard can activate the Shackle synergy, dealing 3877 Flame Damage to enemies in the area and immobilizing them for 5 seconds.
Unlocked at Ardent Flame Rank 12

Skill Name

Dragonknight Standard
Étendard des Chevaliers-dragons


This skill is a class skill of the Dragonknight tree.
Dragonknight Standard is an ultimate skill of the talent tree Ardent Flame.
Dragonknight Standard can be morphed into:

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