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Standard of Might

  • Cast Time
  • Instant
  • Target
  • Area
  • Radius
  • 8 meters
  • Cost
  • 250 Ultimate
  • Duration
  • 16 seconds
Call down a battle standard, dealing 1713 Flame Damage every 1 second for 16 seconds to enemies and applying Major Defile to them, reducing their healing received and damage shield strength by 12%.

Standing in the area increases your damage done and reduces damage taken by 15%.

An ally near the standard can activate the Shackle synergy, dealing 6634 Flame Damage to enemies in the area and immobilizing them for 5 seconds.
Unlocked at Ardent Flame Rank 12
Standing in the standard increases your damage done and reduces damage taken.

Skill Name

Standarte der Macht
Standard of Might
Étendard de puissance


This skill is a class skill of the Dragonknight tree.
Standard of Might is an ultimate skill of the talent tree Ardent Flame.
Standard of Might is a morph of Dragonknight Standard.

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